Saturday, 2 April 2022

C3. 3rd. LEARNING-TECHING MEETING. Gran Canaria. Spain

Teachers and pupils from Poland, Turkey, Belgium and Greece spend a week (28th.-1st. april) hosting by CEIP GRAN CANARIA.

They were developing our project and enjoyed activities as: work sessions, cultural program and relationships activities. It was an unforgettable week full of fantastic moments that we were able to enjoy thanks to our project. Now is the turn to bring what we have learned to our educational centers and continue promoting values through movement. 

 See you in Greece!

Saturday, 9 October 2021


We have just finished our 2nd. Teaching Meeting in Darica, Turkey. -During our meeting we developed 3 formal working sessions and 2 jobshadows about physical activities and traditional games to improve the education values (gamification) and experiences on outdoor activities (camping day). We talk about project modifications on Covid Time, Tools for disseminate results, monitoring our project and activities. We prepare a “Succesfull strategy” to finish with great results our project. - Educational Turkish System was another knowledge guided by Turkish team. They integrated us into their fantastic school knowing classes, teachers, teaching methods, costums… We developed and organiced our time depending: 50%. Work sessions and teaching activities 40% Cultural program 10% Free time This week was the second training meeting in our project and, thanks to it, we can start again with mobilities after COVID period. To prepare this meeting we worked by virtual way during some months and we create an own covid protocol to do with all guarantees. Spain, as coordinator, was responsible for organizing the work and materials, coordinated with the rest of the partners, although the involvement of all partners was total. The formal documents were also delivered: - Participation certificates signed by the host headteacher - Acts of the different work sessions signed by the participants - Copy of the material worked was delivered to the different partners Other "Fantastic Experience"

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

P7 works in relation to sports ( Sport Values) GREECE

Students of Nipiagogeio Drepanou worked on Sport Values. They discuss about the sport values and after they draw their thoughts.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

P4 Greek pet mascot

 Students of Greek school create their puppet pet mascot with everyday materials like shocks, buttons
and his name is............


from Olympic games and of course from Ancient Olympia !
                                               Olympios loves football